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Hackamore Brick are one of the great missing links in the late-’60s New York music scene. In some circles, the Brooklyn-spawned quartet is considered notable as the first band known to cite the Velvet Underground as a source of inspiration; all four members were part of the Velvet Underground Appreciation Society and one can, indeed, hear their influence throughout the music on Hackamore Brick’s one and only album, One Kiss Leads to Another, cut for Buddah Records’ Kama Sutra imprint, no less. Lou Reed’s singing style is in evidence throughout Chick Newman’s flat intonation, but other attributes here range further, eerily anticipating the minimalist charm of Jonathan Richman, while some of the material, such as the Bob Roman/Tommy Moonlight-authored “Peace Has Come,” makes one think of an embryonic Television. There was a lot of talent there and some good instincts about what to do with it, at least as a starting point. No one seems to know what became of any of them after their interlude with Kama Sutra, and not even the revived Buddha imprint had the courage or enough interest to reissue their one and only album.

-Bruce Eder,

Hackamore Brick-ONE KISS LEADS TO ANOTHER (1970)


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