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If you’re having occasional trouble opening these zips, I have to suggest maybe switching archive software, as I always check when there’s a complaint and 95% of the time there’s no real problem and I end up re-upping anyway for everyone. What I’ve always found to have a good success rate are WinRar (both OS x and Windows options) or 7zip (Windows). These guys can even pull files out of broken or corrupted archives.

I upload all these albums myself, never re-use another person’s links, and always make sure that at least these two programs can open them first.

Also, I recommend some tagging software. I use Foobar2000 as my main media player and it plays EVERYTHING, and it also has mass tagging extensions, and can tag via freedb or discogs, which are invaluable.

You may notice that tags are sometimes incomplete or garbled tags in iTunes, but they are always 100% good in Foobar or Winamp or even Rhythmbox. I hate iTunes so much I can’t even install it in order to cater to it. I’d apologize for that if I could. I know it’s elitist.



  1. what mp3 player do you use?

  2. Can anyone suggest a media player for mac that isn't itunes? I also hate it, but am forced to use it because I can't find anything solid enough to improve my situation for mac.

  3. I personally use Foobar2000 for PC, and use Cog on my Mac after a recommendation and it seems pretty solid. What I really want for Mac or any other OS is a good Foobar2000 port, though. Nothing seems to fit me better.

  4. If you meant "mp3 player" as in a portable like an iPod, I have a Creative Zen Vision M 60gb that I've had since 2006 and it's still going strong. Plays MP3, WAV, AVI, and FM radio. I imagine it will indeed die sooner than later so I'm in the market for a replacement myself.

  5. I think I use iTunes more than any other app on my Mac. Alas I don't have a Win machine so I can't try Foobar. But I find iTunes to be pretty, well, awesome frankly. Each new update scares me, as I'm sure Apple will screw it up eventually. For now the "smart" playlist feature and a few other things have me hooked, but when you dis it so mightily I wonder what I'm missing…

  6. And is iTunes really worse than, for example, Seriously!

  7. The Rammstein screenshot on the Foobar2000 home page is scaring me. OK, nuff said for one nite.

  8. You know, you use what works for you. You don't need me to tell you that! My main issues with iTunes is that I have an irrational need to use the lightest apps possible, there are times running iTunes where I saw it using over a gig of memory. I also don't trust software that has like 5-6 running processes going when I'm not even using it. I don't even know what that's about, but if one of them is talking back to Apple, nuts to that!In addition, iTunes on Windows doesn't natively play FLAC the last time I checked. More than half the music I upload here is downconverted from FLAC.I do love that iTunes puts all those radio stations together like that. I wonder if there's a little standalone app that collects radio streams from the web.

  9. Also, you don't need to point out that I wrote "I have an irrational need to use the lightest apps possible" on a Windows machine. I am already aware of it and laughed at myself.

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