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Even as a Woody Allen fan I had missed out on this one. I really like the entire muted ambient feel of it, and vacillated between empathy and disgust for these WASPy sadsacks taking themselves so seriously. I guess you’re supposed to feel that way about all of his characters. Woody thinks he barely made out of this one without an artistic flop but I dunno, maybe I’m not seeing stylistic thing he’s probably ripping off some old dude like Bergman. -Ian!

Diane Keaton, Kristin Griffith, and Mary Beth Hurt play Renata, Flyn, and Joey, the grown daughters of wealthy Arthur (E.G. Marshall) and his emotionally disturbed wife, Eve (Geraldine Page). When Arthur leaves Eve, her three daughters rally around her. As it turns out, none of the daughters are ideally suited to provide an “anchor” for their distracted mother, but all four women are strengthened by their renewed relationship. Interiors received five Oscar nominations, including Best Director for Woody Allen, Best Original Screenplay for Allen, Best Actress for Geraldine Page, Best Supporting Actress for Maureen Stapleton (who plays Arthur’s new love), and Best Art Direction for Mel Bourne and Daniel Robert.

-Hal Erickson,



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