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Everyone knows The Caretaker as none other than the legendary James Kirby, the man behind V/Vm and the V/Vm Test label, purveyor of fine experimental / ambient / noise / new-beat music and a veritable authority on the subject.

We’re lucky to now have him in the ranks at Install with an evocative full-length called Persistent Repetition Of Phrases. This album is in many ways faithful to the classic Caretaker sound as well as being somewhat of a newer experiment; the aged, crusty vinyl of years-long-forgotten is still quite present, however this time things have broken down even further in lock-groove purgatory where flickering loops and shards of melodies are all that’s left from the dementia of old age.

Slight glimpses of fond memories are endlessly repeated on yellow filmscreens, in the dark and dusty theatres of the human mind, until a loss of recollection occurs, leaving foreign fragments to a puzzle you can never put back together. Overall a very stirring and sad album, and a potent display of the musical uniqueness that makes The Caretaker so relevant.

Available from Install as a limited edition 500-digipak release decorated with a beautiful painting by Guy Denning.




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