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You’re going to learn to love that dark pea green sleeve. This is a release by the great KPM Music Library, which was basically a branch of EMI that farmed out the best session musicians to go nuts and make crazy, groovy music for movies, TV and various media interstitials. They’ve gone on to be a holy grail for any upstanding DJ or electronic musician wanting to get away from Amen Break for a while.

There’s usually not much information on these. This one sounds like the typical Les baxter, but darker and funkier. You should check out The Library Hunt if you dig it!

Les Baxter-BUGALOO IN BRAZIL (1970)



  1. Sir, I am happy I discovered your blog a couple of months ago. (Actually on my 19th birthday to be exact!) You have a very wide taste in music, and you upload interesting things that also help expand my collection and ears. ALso, I think its awesome how you like MSTK3000! I love that show! Anyway, keep up the awesome posts!

  2. Hey, just so you know, the ID3 tags that came up in iTunes were incorrect, and the names of the songs, as well as the track numbers were all mixed up. I renamed them off the filenames. Those are correct i assume? In any case, keep up the good (amazing) work you're doing here, it's truly like, the best blog ever.

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