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Here it is, the compilation by WFMU’s Irwin Chusid that started the ball rolling on that entire 90’s space/lounge/exotica revival that I thought was just the best. I don’t like this stuff ironically. -Ian!

A crazy Mexican hybrid of Stan Kenton and Spike Jones, and the musical equivalent of a Tex Avery cartoon, Juan Garcia Esquivel produced some of the most innovative sounds to ever get shelved next to standard big band and easy listening titles. He was a popular choice for young, post-war bachelors who wished to show off their new hi-fi systems. Besides his use of extreme stereo panning, he composed with unusual instruments such as double-neck steel guitar, theremin, harpsichord, human whistling, and an array of exotic percussion.

This excellent collection, compiled by the always reliable Irwin Chusid (Songs in the Key of Z, The Ernie Kovacs Record Collection, etc.), gathers some of Esquivel’s most spirited numbers from his vinyl catalog. The disc debuted in 1994, just as the retro-lounge craze was emerging, and introduced the compact disc generation to the otherworldly sounds of space age pop. A string of subsequent Esquivel collections and reissues soon followed, but this CD is still the perfect introduction for new listeners wanting a good sampler. Chusid also assembled a great collection of other adventurous space age lounge acts for Rhino’s Cocktail Mix, Vol. 1: Bachelor’s Guide to the Galaxy, which is well worth seeking out.


Esquivel-SPACE AGE BACHELOR PAD MUSIC (1994 compilation)


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