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I’ve been on a major classical/minimalism kick off an on (interrupted briefly by my 1986 thrash metal kick) for a while now. This Erik Satie SELECTED WORKS comp is sort of a mystery to me. It’s the ONLY RECORDING of his actual Furniture Music pieces (musique d’ameublement), played by the Ars Nova Ensemble. The only other version I could find was severely abridged and on piano. It wasn’t as good. The Ars Nova Ensemble recording, however, is haunting me.

Also, as far as I can tell it was only ever released on LP, and I cannot find it for sale. The Gymnopédies might be Satie’s most famous work, but Furniture Music is so pioneering a concept (arguably inventing ambient music) that it was used a blanket term for all his work. Why isn’t this on any of the other hundreds of recordings of Satie music?

ANYWAY, I also threw in a really good recording by pianist Claire Chevallier. Played on a period piano, it’s much slower, eerie, icily detached, almost sinister. Most recordings of Gymnopédies, Gnossiennes, and Ogives dance playfully through the music when I’ve always thought they should be drawing it out. This recording hits it on the mark, it’s my favorite Satie.




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  1. thank you.

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