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Over the years I’ve heard all the Melt Banana albums, and in the end this is the one I return to. It’s their best sounding album, which is surprising considering it’s just a live recording of them running through their setlist at the time. kind of like with BLACK DOTS by Bad Brains, I like the one live studio recording more than their entire output. -Ian!

MXBX 1998: 13,000 Miles at Light Velocity, impressively enough, is a live recording of Melt-Banana, one of Japan’s finest noise/prog underground bands — anyone impressed with studio recordings of the group’s scratchy, frantic rock will no doubt be bowled over with the way this sounds in a more direct and organic setting. With a pace and energy that rivals kings of the genre like the Happy Family, Melt-Banana tear through most of the best tracks on their album releases — selections like “It’s in the Pillcase” and “Disposable Weathercock” even seem to sound better than they did on Scratch or Stitch. Most notable is a cover of “Surfing U.S.A.,” and if you’re familiar with Melt-Banana, you can probably imagine how wonderful such a thing would be.

-Nitsuh Abebe,

Melt Banana-MXBX 1998/13,000 MILES AT LIGHT VELOCITY (1998)


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  1. totally agree, i've seen them live, heard all their records dozens of times and this is still my favorite – good call!

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