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The last two were Moroder albums, these are two of his best film scores. -Ian!

The Chase track clocking in at over 8 minutes is worth the price of the cd alone. This track strongly indentifies the pop-music style of the time . You don’t have to strain your ears to realize the Moroder genius touch and Faltermeyer contributions that Chase sounds hauntingly similar to Donna Summer’s I Feel Love and Our Love/Sunset People; of course this is no dumb coincidence.Yet, he avoids turning this into a notorious campy disco soundtrack.It is also comparable to Vangelis’ BladeRunner theme (the pulsing futuristic synthesized sound). The next memorable track is Istanbul Blues.It’s just that; a song done in blues fashion by a male singer named David Castle whose vocals are light and not at all heavy a la B.B. King. It’s more a blue-eye soul/blues track. The end track theme is sung by a fascinating female vocalist named Chris Bennett who at times is reminiscent of a Diana Ross protogee with slight more vocal stamina. Some of the other remaining tracks are very haunting and eerie in not just an electronic sense but in an atmospheric way. At times these tracks make you forget it’s a soundtrack to an American imprisoned in a Turkish jail. They sound as though they were written for a couple of horror scenes to a sci-fi thriller.

Art Bell!

The artistry of composer Giorgio Moroder aside, this CD is the only place you can find the original David Bowie vocal for “Theme from Cat People,” perhaps better known as “Putting Out Fire With Gasoline.” And that alone makes this CD a must-have: a piece of music that begins with primative-sounding percussion, introduces Bowie at his sultry, sexy best, and then suddenly explodes into one of the most chills-down-your-spine bits of music that you will ever encounter, the personification of … hunger, desire, and a touch of kink. Moroder and Bowie make a remarkable combination–it is a great pity they did not do more together–and the recording here is far, far superior to the version of the song included on Bowie’s LET’S DANCE.

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