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The episodes that first got me into the show, from way back in 1991. As with almost half the series, you can’t get these episodes on DVD because they can’t afford to buy back the rights to the movies they watched. -Ian!

In this sci-fi flick edited down from a TV series, our hero is a Starwolf named Ken from the planet Valnastar. After disobeying orders and accidentally killing his best friend – a fellow soldier, Ken becomes a fugitive alien rescued by the Earth starship the Bacchus3. The crew of the Bacchus3 includes alcoholic Captain Joe, Rocky the pilot, some other guys, and Tammy the ‘morale officer.’ Ken joins the Bacchus3 team at Captain Joe’s invitation. At first, Rocky distrusts Ken, but later they become friends. And Tammy has an unrequited crush on Ken. Meanwhile, Ken’s friends’s sister Rita, who is also Ken’s girlfriend, is ordered by Valnastar ruler Lord Halkon to avenge her brother’s death by finding and killing Ken. The Bacchus3 visits the planet Kararan. Ken leaves the ship, and gets himself thrown in prison. Via two-way radio, Captain Joe orders Ken to find a Colonel from the planet Caesar in the same prison and break him out. After accomplishing this mission, Ken abruptly runs into Rita. But Rita still loves Ken, so she can’t bring herself to kill him. Rita is then killed when she and Ken are attacked by Kararan guards. Ken and the Caesarean Colonel make it back to the Bacchus3. “To Be Continued” in episode 318.

It’s “Faster, PussyKen, Kill, Kill!” in this continuation of Fugitive Alien that the public demanded.

After a brief recap of the first “movie”, the “Earth’s oldest spaceship … [and] beat up old crate” Bacchus 3 of Space Command, with plucky spill-resistant vinyl-clad crew Captain “Drinky-drinky Chipmunk Cheeks” Joe, pilot Rocky, navigator Dan, morale officer Tammy, Billy, and former Star Wolf Raider, the eponymous fugitive alien Ken, as well as Colonel Yurulin whom they rescued from prison in part one, head to Saysar, the Colonel’s home world. They plan to sabotage a weapon there that can destroy an entire planet.

Along the way “tenperatures” rise as they must confront a black hole, a “meteorite”, and a just-about-to-explode star. They succeed in their mission, but the Colonel, enraptured by Saysar’s Handel-like anthem played over a loudspeaker, is killed, probably for budget reasons, when he races back to prevent the secret weapon from being destroyed.

Next, the crew of the Bacchus 3 travels to a fresh planet seeking yet another weapon, one that can destroy the entire universe. This plot line is soon jettisoned when Ken spies someone who looks exactly like his mother. It turns she is part of a trap set by the Kabuki Darth Vader manque Lord Halkon, evil genius ruler of Ken’s planet Valna Star, who was last seen in part one ordering the destruction of Earth and all its inhabitants.

Ken and Lord Halkon have it out, both on the ground and in spaceships, and the Kabuki Darth is (apparently) killed when his spaceship crashes. The Bacchus 3 takes off again, but Ken tells the rest of the crew that he is returning to Valna Star to make it into a better place for all Kens everywhere.




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