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Much needed re-up. These are V0 rips of the old vinyls. Probably my favorite classic power pop band, next to The Toms! -Ian!

Released during the initial power-pop craze of the late ’70s, the band’s self-titled debut quickly stood out among the masses with its consistent quality, strict adherence to the melodic three-minute form, and tight, driving rhythm. Though the sales didn’t reflect the strength of the album, songs like “Cheri” and “Yellow Pills” are considered classics of the period, the latter becoming the title for the premier power-pop fanzine, still in existence today.

An equally strong follow-up, Look Out!, is a pure pop artifact with its teen anthems discussing the “nuclear boys in the nuclear world, ” obsessing over girls (the haunting “Girl like You”), and telling the tale of a bizarre alien love affair (the silly “Alien”). Look Out! and 20/20 have been reissued as a two-fer CD on Oglio in 1995 — an essential part of any power-pop collection.

A revived interest in the genre in the ’90s inspired the band to reunite, contributing a few new songs to Big Deal’s Yellow Pills compilations and recording a new album, 4 Day Tornado, in the fall of 1995 on Oglio Records. 20/20 returned in August of 1998 with Interstate.

-Chris Woodstra

20/20 (1979)
LOOK OUT! (1981)


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  1. Thanks for these. I had only heard of 20/20 from the 'Yellow Pills' comps. Yours is a fine endeavor and I thank you for the continuing education.Best wishes, -K

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