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Museo Rosenbach’s only album, Zarathustra, is another one of the clearly essential Italian albums. Firmly entrenched on the heavier end of the Italian spectrum, this is perhaps one of the defining “heavy-prog” albums. The music is dark, completely glorious and develops with bombastic classical grandeur, with surging guitars, blazing Hammond leads and of course the omnipresent Mellotron. The band competently moves through occasional quiet moments with nice flute and Mellotron before ripping into massive metallic bowel-shaking riffs. The vocalist has a nice bluesy, throaty voice that lends itself excellently to the proceedings. Museo Rosenbach manages to weave in a gorgeous melodic web with their brute force, pulling everything together in moments of shuddering climax.

The first five tracks make up the lengthy title suite, which stands as one of the most solidly composed side-long epics in the progressive rock tradition, leaving little if any breathing room between consecutive mindblowing passages. The rest of the album is just as good: addictive, melodic pieces with a dark aggressive undercurrent. Zarathustra is one of the truly essential heavy Italian classics.

Museo Rosenbach-ZARATHUSTRA (1973)

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