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Outstanding Bristol grime/dubstep producer that sounds like a mix between Zapp & Roger/G-Funk and the music to Sonic The Hedgehog 1-3. Probably isn’t super cool anymore if I’ve managed to hear about him. Anyway, I collected all the 12″s, splits, EPs, etc as listed on his entry and put them in a big zip for ya! -Ian!

Kapsize EP (12″, EP)
3k Lane / Modem (12″)
Holly Brook Park / 80’s (12″)
Play Doe / Tempered (12″)
Snake Eater / Move Dis (12″)
Top Of The Game EP (12″, EP)
Digidesign / You Don’t Know What Love Is (12″)
Do It / Psychedelic Runway (12″)
Glendale Galleria / Untitled_Rsn (12″)
Purple City / Re-Up (12″)




  1. Read about him last week in The Guardian (British newspaper) and thought "so, this is what the youth are listening to…" You're certainly cool enough for me!!Thanksmark

  2. wow, i love this guy's stuff but hadn't heard all of these, thanks! you're blog is the greatest.

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