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I have no information other than this is from 1993ish. If you know the source, tell me.

Topics range from a debt owed for bolt cutters, breaking a boot off a car, to the evilness of Deicide and Mercyful Fate to David Gilmour’s ranking on the list of guitar gods.

This is one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard, it’s amazing.

A Conversation Between Two Totally Metal Dudes



  1. amazing, and a tom scharpling connection to boot!

  2. Their pants alone enthrall me.

  3. “what’s he gonna think when he’s wearing a TV for a fuckin’ hat!” This thing is full of hilarious one liners. just awesome.

  4. Not being a Metal Dude (MD) myself, I’m curious – when one MD says to another “Get your motherfucking pussy ass down here right away so I can beat your ass” does the MD being spoken to (Terry) comply with the request? Especially after losing the previous 197 of 200 fights in the past? Yea? Gnarly! Fuck, yea!By the way – thanks for the great blog. Cheers…Fels

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