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I know we say it a lot, but we are all very lucky boys and girls indeed – as long as there’s great record labels out there putting out reissues of classic library records such as this, we’ll never go short of beautiful sounds to treat our ears and brains to.

This is a reissue of the legendary library record Solar Flares by Sven Libaek and his Orchestra that was originally released by the Peer International Library in 1974. Featuring sounds produced by a custom-built synth, this magnificent album mixes elements of jazz, soul, funk, easy listening and spacey electronics which all combine to take you into a world of interstellar grooves, rhythms and beats!

For the Solar Flares recording session, Sven Libaek insisted on using only the best session musicians of the time. As a result, this album features some of the most revered names in Australian jazz including Don Burrows, Erroll Buddle, George Golla, Johnny Sangster and Ed Gaston. Absolutely gorgeous – and therefore, most definately essential.

Sven Libaek & his Orchestra-SOLAR FLARES (1974)


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  1. THXSven Libaek is amazing!I have been looking for this one

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