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A re-up. This is my underdog favorite of the old power pop classics. I threw some of his latest songs into the zip, which are surprisingly awesome, and can be found on the YELLOW PILLS comp.

I’m actually wary of posting power pop lately, due to the evil army of power pop blogspots that always leave shitty comments about how I’m stepping on their turf.

It’s right out of the Scharpling/Wurster “Power Pop Pop Pop” bit, I swear. -Ian!

Years before home computers, ADAT’s and Pro Tools, guys like Tom Marolda were in thier basements or bedrooms trying to cram all the sounds in thier heads onto Tascam 4/8 track reel-to-reel decks. That he came up with such a classic gem of a LP is a credit to his talent and his inventiveness with now-primative equipment. The Toms S/T ranks right up there with Todd Rundgren’s “Something/Anything”, Emitt Rhodes debut LP, and The Shoes classic “Black Vinyl Shoes” as one of the best homemade DIY Power Pop albums of the 1970’s. The songs are airtight, Tom’s playing is enthusiastic and all-out fun, and the punchy compressed production despite some murkiness makes many punk/new wave recordings of the late 70’s done in professional 24 track studios sound lifeless and boring.

-Billy G. Spradlin,

The Toms-THE TOMS (1979)



  1. Amazing Stuff! I am loving this, thanks for putting it up! I linked to it on my blog and added this whole blog as well. I’m at

  2. fuck those nerds!this is some pretty great stuff.

  3. Thanks, man. I just had some crappy m4a files, it’s nice to have it in HQ mp3.Is it me or does Tom Marolda sound exactly like Rivers Cuomo? Of course, Tom has the better batting average, as far as I’m concerned.

  4. what are some good power pop blogs ian?

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