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There isn’t a review that explains how perfect, deep, and haunting this compilation is, and I feel dumb and white for even trying. -Ian!

Despite the George Romero nomenclature, this LP from the Mississippi stable brings together a selection of gospel recordings from various parts of the twentieth century. The songs cover all kinds of different contexts, from choral church recordings to rollicking R&B dirges, with all kinds of rousing solo performances in there too. In fact, the album finishes on an especially moving moment with an anonymous child singing ‘We Shall Overcome’ acappella, which is a real emotional sucker punch. Another splendid selection from the house of Mississippi.


V/A Mississippi Records-OH GRAVEYARD, YOU CAN’T HOLD ME ALWAYS (2009 compilation)



  1. Hey Man. Your blog spot is amazing. You really have some good stuff posted. You have some obscure stuff and some real sure shots from the heavyweights of music. Wanted to show some support while also asking if its possible to repost the Graveyard, You cant hold me alway album. The description sounds interesting and Id love to check it out. Thanks and keep postin’.

  2. will do!

  3. Thanks alot for lookin’ out. Cool points galore.

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