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It’s a little bit different than just a bunch of mp3s in a zip file. I used this laptop, a shortwave radio (not to be confused with samples of shortwave that I also used), a turntable, a bass amp with a condenser mic, all fed into a sampler that functioned as an effects box and mixer, which was then fed into the desktop.

The whole thing is two live takes cut together, at one point running a song out of an amp to catch the natural reverb while mixing it on the fly with a bitcrushed drone of a shortwave radio playing a ballroom song.

Anyway, the theme was a mix of Cold War Civil Defense-era vibe and 80s post-apocalyptic movie “driving” themes. I didn’t write any of the music.




  1. This is a great mix.

  2. Awesome mix, great mood throughout.

  3. great mix. enjoyed trying to correctly identify all the samples

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