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Holy shit. This is like the ultimate find for me, this is like if guys who only made weird home recordings, like Bruce Haack or Bill Holt got a major label deal and decided they were going to record the ultimate New Wave/Synth Pop album. This has immediately become non-stop listening, and represents exactly the sort of high I am chasing all the time when it comes to discovering music. -Ian!

A one-man synth army from San Diego, California, Dane Conover (here dubbed Trees) offers a wonderful collection of modern musical ideas and clever tunes that efficiently combine up-to-date electronics with old-fashioned rock instruments, tossing in inventive production and intelligent, provocative lyrics. Sleep Convention is a stunning debut which shows remarkable originality and talent. That this record died the commercial death is not just incomprehensible, it’s criminal.

-Ira Robbins




  1. you had me at the cover but, this is some premo synth pop. that video is rad too, he reminds me of that character bruce mccullough did on kids in the hall: gavin (the little kid full of useless trivia).happy easter ian!

  2. i bet that guy got tons of ass

  3. I just watched the video, and my 2 year old son was bouncing and half-dancing the entire time, and echoed the “come back” part each time.

  4. Its very difficlt for nerds to be successful in the music industry. The only 2 I can think of are Trevor Horn in Buggles and Thomas Dolby and they were both British. (Elvis Costello obviously doesn't qualify because he wasn't obsessed with technology which is an essential prerequisite to be a musical nerd). In America where they are obsessed with image its nigh on impossible so it doesn't suprise me one bit that the chap got nowhere.

    • McEneaney Gonzales
    • Posted September 21, 2009 at 7:35 am
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    I love how your enthusiasm at this discover is as passionate as mine and everyone else I know who has recently been turned onto this.

  5. Hi – I have just discovered your blog and am REALLY impressed with the diversity of material you have on here, plus the informative comments, links etc.I must comment on this album – I am totally blown away – obsessed even. It is amazing. It's like a rosetta stone of new wave – it references Talk Talk, Devo, Japan, ODW, OMD, Peter Godwin, China Crisis, The Quick, Depeche Mode et al. I haven't stopped playing it since I downloaded it on the weekend.Listening to this album puts all the other new wave stuff that I do know of from that time into a new context, and confirms my belief that you can never hear 'everything' and just when you are getting comfortable, something else from that era pops up and blows you away! Such discoveries serve to add another level of appreciation to your existing knowledge of the era. I will now be mentally cross referencing the sounds, production techniques etc listening for cross pollination, pastiche and innovation with the luminaries of the period. Some specific cooments:Delta Sleep – pure classic synth pop – why wasn't this a hit? Sort of reminds me of Paul Simons 'Boy in the Bubble' – similar feel. Pre-dates Paul's effort though. Midnight in America – accessible, evocative, haunting chord changes (has a China Crisis feel). 11.00 am – channels Dep Mode at their young and optimistic best. Wildwood is Numan-esque, but goes further into songcraft than Gazza ever achieved (and I love Gary Numan).Red Car screams out for someone to make a retro video drawn from atomic era educational films. A GREAT album!Looking forward to combing through your other posts!Thank you again for making soemthing like this so accessible and giving it life beyond 80's obscurity.The Minordian.

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