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This is like an awesome mix of Vangelis with Pink Floyd, it’s so good and look at that cover!

What kind of name is Rolf Sembrepon?

Anyway, I found this and a couple things I have fallen in love with at the amazing Dr. Schluss’ Garage Of Psychedelic Obscurities, and I implore you to check it out! -Ian!

This was one of several mysterious albums released in limited batches in Germany by the Pyramid label in the mid-’70s, and it was apparently sold mostly through art galleries and other unconventional retail sources. After 1974 the major labels were no longer interested in creative Krautrock, and so Pyramid undertook to keep the spirit of this genre alive for another few years. As for the group Pyramid, their identities are apparently unknown, though their roster probably overlaps with that of the Nazgul, another group on the Pyramid label. Pyramid’s self-titled release, recorded in Cologne in 1975 and 1976, offered just one track, “Dawn Defender,” that took up both sides of the LP and has been reissued on CD as one seamless piece. “Dawn Defender” starts off slowly, with a gentle rhythm and strange mellotron sound setting down a soothing cosmic groove. Soon the piece picks up as the guitar and bass kick in with a driving, Hawkwind-like sound for several minutes before it calms down again. About 14 minutes in, the rhythm section kicks into a much more upbeat funk groove, but keeping the space rock ambience in place with more spacy synths and other sounds. The piece slowly ratchets gears to a less-upbeat tempo, and though at times the sound is a little more conventional, it is still quite good. Eventually listeners are left in a similar cosmic ambient territory that the piece began with. On the whole, “Dawn Defender” is a very nice work of instrumental space rock and cosmic rock, developing from a slow calm to furious and energetic, and then back to the slow calm.

-Rolf Semprebon,

Pyramid-PYRAMID (1976)


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