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In 1997 Cheap Trick was recording some stuff with Albini, and they got to talking about how the band felt like IN COLOR’s original recording fell short, in their minds, for whatever reason. On the spot they decided to record it again from the bottom up.

As far as I understand it these are unmastered, so there are a couple rough spots, but it still sounds completely awesome.

I love Cheap Trick, but I’m still mad at them because when they play live now they say “Here’s our theme for That 70s Show!” and never mention Big Star. Also, when they toured with GBV Bob went on stage and sang “Surrender” with them and later on they chewed him out for it. -Ian!




  1. been trying to liste to this forever and still no luck..usually never available as a zip file…and unfortunately this new link isn’t working either…thanks anyways…

  2. working now…muchas gracias again…!!

  3. i wonder what alex chilton thinks of their version of ‘in the street’, and that it’s constantly on TV. and i wonder what chris bell would think if he were alive: “hey, i never wrote the lyrics ‘we’re all alright’!”

  4. Thanks for this. However, link does not appear to be working again. If you could re-up sometime, that would be great.A comment on ELSA’s comment: I met Alex Chilton back in ’86 or so – it was after the Bangles had “September Girls” out. I asked his opinion of that, and while he politely didn’t say it sucked, his expression clearly indicated he thought that. After a pause, he said “The checks are nice.” I laughed, and he said, “No, really.”

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