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I’m digging pretty seriously into the Crypt/Norton Records catalogue I guess. If you’re in with me, check out the last entry and the LAS VEGAS GRIND series. -Ian!

33 tracks of ultra-rare, banned-by-the-FBI lounge, exotica and exotic gay themed rock’n’roll from the vaults of Senor Charro Records of West Hollywood circa 1959-1972. Packed with luscious glossies of the beefcake performers and detailed liners from the label president! Never before has this hidden music been documented! TRACK LIST: 1.LUCHESE LIEBHABER-Gesundheit 2.LA LUPE-Fever 3.RULIE GARCIA-Sabrocito 4.RHYTHM KINGS-Exotic 5.ETERNALS-R&R Cha-Cha 6.KENNETH DEAL-Go Go Jumbo 7.TOMMY MERCER & THE McBRIDES-Volcano Rock 8.MONARCHS-El Bandito 9.PASSIONS-Jungle Drums 10.IMPACTS FIVE-Island Of Love 11.HARVEY ANDERSON-Jivaro 12.SKIP MANNING-Devil Blues 13.GLENDA & GLEN-Voodoo Doll 14.RHYTHM ADDICTS-The Thrill 15.DON SARGENT & The BUDDIES-Voodoo Kiss 16.SHEIKS-Sultans Delight 17.MERCY BABY-LovesVoodoo 18.VOLCHORDS-Bongo Love 19.ARABIAN KNIGHTS-Mo-Rockin 20.YOUNG WILLIAM & THE JAMAICANS-Limbo Drum Part 1 21.GARY WARREN-Midnight Rain 22.JOSEPH LATEK QUINTET-Sister Mamie 23.BOB DESTINY-Kalenda Rock 24.RALPH MARTERIE-Shish-Kebab 25.PAUL LEADER-The Devils Pad 26.NEAL SCOTT-Go Bohemian 27.JERRY WARREN-Monkey Walk 28.LINCOLN TRIO-Shakedown 29.INVADERS-Shock Treatment 30.UNTOUCHABLES-Limbo-Nova 31.GANIM’S ASIA MINORS-Halvah 32.PRESTON LOVE & ORCHESTRA-Ali Baba’s Boogie 33.BAMBINOS-Algiers

-Crypt Records



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  1. Thanks for posting “The Lavender Jungle”. I’d never heard of it before, despite keeping occasional tabs on Norton’s releases. I’m going to head out and buy this one as soon as I can.

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