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This is a concert recorded March 30, 1968, in Bloomington, Indiana, spotlighting one of the most influential Delta blues artists, Skip James, at the end of his career. It’s eerie and heartbreaking to listen to what essentially amounts to a retrospective by a man who would pass away only seven months following this performance. James covered all the bases on this occasion from the spirituals “God is Real” and “Look at the People (Got to Go to Judgement)” to ’60s originals “Lorenzo Blues,” “Sickbed Blues,” and “Washington D.C. Hospital Center Blues.” James also played his familiar classics from the ’30s, “Devil Got My Woman” and “I’m So Glad.” It is to the credit of Document Records that they included James’s spoken introductions to these songs, allowing the listener to gain further insight into the mind and heart of one of the preeminent acoustic blues performers of the 20th century.

He is in fine form here, with his high, haunting vocals and delicate guitar work sounding wonderfully intimate as he delivers solid versions of “Illinois Blues,” “Cypress Grove Blues,” and “Catfish Blues” before closing things off with a handful of spirituals, including an affecting version of “Look at the People.” What makes this set even more vital and poignant is that, sadly, James would be dead within the year. Kudos to Document Records for making this concert available.

-Steve Leggett,

128kbps (worth it, but if you have a better rip let me know)


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