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Dumb review down there. This is probably Tim Hecker’s best, so if you liked HARMONY IN ULTRAVIOLET, you’ll like this. If haven’t heard him before, it’s probably the best ambient album of the year so far. -Ian!

Canadian ambient producer Tim Hecker will dream up his usual vistas of sound later this year when he releases his first proper full-length on Kranky in more than two years.

An Imaginary Country is the name, and as anyone familiar with his past work can guess, abstract masses of sound is the game. Many of the tracks on the record reference water and its perhaps one of the best ways to think about these slow-moving tunes that seem to wash over the listener. Hecker had a relatively quiet 2008, with only a collaboration with Aidan Baker on Alien8 to show for his recorded efforts. We expect that much of the year was spent holed up recording An Imaginary Country and, upon first listen, we’d like to tell you that it was worth the wait. But, objectivity unfortunately doesn’t allow us to do so. Luckily, the wait will be a short one, as it’s due out in February.


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