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Don’t let that hideous cover sway you, this stuff is like a more cavernous MUSIC FOR AIRPORTS with a little Daniel Lanois thrown in. -Ian!

When the CD format first began to take shape, legendary producer/composer/ambient pioneer Brian Eno jumped at the opportunity to create a piece of music specifically for the medium. The end result is the 1985 masterwork “Thursday Afternoon” which still stands strong as one of ambient music’s shining moments 20 years later.

“Thursday Afternoon” is a single continuous 61-minute piece which remains unchanging in mood despite its epic length. Throughout its hour-long running time, there is a quiet single chord which is held through the entire piece. Single piano notes, bell-like tones, subtle chord washes and a light drone all settle themselves around the main central chord creating a lush beautiful landscape in sound. There is nothing complicated or difficult about this piece. It is built with the most basic musical elements and is kept at its most simplistic form throughout. This is what makes “Thursday Afternoon” such an intruiging work – its beauty of simplicity without becoming boring.

As mentioned above, “Thursday Afternoon” continues to be a pioneering ambient effort 20 years after its original release. Surely, it ranks among Brian Eno’s best instrumental work and fits in perfectly with other works such as “Music For Airports”, “Discreet Music” and his other hour-long ambient/minimalist opus “Neroli” which he would create in 1993.



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