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Also known as MUSIC OF THE DEVIL CULT GOD. There’s an alternate version culled from other sources on the very excellent blog Psychotic Leisure Music, I just happen to prefer the straight old vinyl rip that I posted. -Ian!

Totally nightmarish record by the master of ‘exotica’ (if you can believe that). Probably one of the more disturbing and haunting things to come from the fucked up psychological underside of 1970, The Music of the Devil God Cult is the soundtrack to a demented, acid-fried B-movie version of H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Dunwhich Horror.” The music itself features some whacked out, slightly out of tune synth/organs over an orchestra with full strings and brass and a rock rhythm section. There’s a really classic main melody that will get stuck in your head forever. It conveys everything creepy that later easy-listening soft rock music like Peaches & Herb had on its fringes (you know, those x-factors — intangible foreboding crossed with mysterious romance? No? Ah, well…). This melody then gets run through the gamut of dirges, dissonances and dark corners & ends up feeling essentially like a form of sickness born of insane obsession. Quite appropriate considering the subject matter. You’ll be freaked out and unpleasantly enchanted.

There are lots of highlights arrangement-wise. It’s a study in theme-and-variation – there are even some hip-hop sounding beats with clumsy off-time timpani lines that trade off with a cycle of swelling atonal chord clusters behind chopped up pieces of the main melody. If you have patience & can enjoy Sunn, or Sleep, or Khanate, this won’t be any trouble (those aren’t comparisons, just a word of caution to our short attention span friends who might feel differently. Too bad for them.)

Les Baxter-THE DUNWICH HORROR (1970)


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  1. On a download binge, much thanks to you! 🙂

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