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I love to feel as if I’ve awakened into a beautiful dream where the temperature is more than comfortable, maybe even a bit chilly and the sun is shining on my face. It makes me feel more alive, more awake and more in tune with the forces of the world. It is those moments that there is no fear, no worry and nothing to prevent possibility. The only limitation is when you realize that feeling can’t last forever. It is at that moment you become afraid, aware and more than a bit sad because you know that this, all of this, is temporary. This is the feeling of Rameses III, “Honey Rose”. I have not seen the movie it was created to complement. I wonder if I need to. The pieces are essentially the same waves of sound with slight shifts and differences and as a CD; it is quite brief. However, it fills the heart and gives one pause to know that at some point, everything turns to dust. It is a bittersweet melody and in Autumn I will play this and remember times of my life when I felt exactly like the space created by the disc. If I end up crying, it will be ok because sometimes beauty is not always smiles and laughter. Sometimes it is gut wrenching.

– Erica Rucker

Rameses III-HONEY ROSE (2007)


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