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Big Apple Rappin’ tells the story of the birth of rap/ hip-hop culture in New York City, featuring an amazing collection of the first rap records along with original flyer art, exclusive photos, interviews and more. Starting in the Bronx in the late 1970s rap grew out of a combination of Disco and Funk breaks alongside the Soundsystem culture of Jamaica (Dancehalls, DJs, soundclashes) first brought to the New York block party jams of the first hip-hop DJ, Kool Herc. This album brings together for the first time all the key ingredients that gave birth to hip-hop culture – independent record labels, flyer art, the first photos. The first record producers were both American and Jamaican-emigrees. Featuring interviews with artists, producers, one of the first-ever photographers to document the scene, Joe Conzo, flyer-designer Buddy Esquire – “Big Apple Rappin” is an incredible overview of the birth of Hip-Hop culture. The music on this album features both classic and unbelievably rare tracks from the first days of Rap most of which have never been re-issued and unheard outside of New York in the last 25 years! This is a double CD with slipcase and 64-page booklet. The vinyl comes in two super-loud double-vinyl album (vol 1 and 2) for all Djs. TRACKLISTINGS: CD – (AS ABOVE) VOLUME 1 LP: SPOONIE GEE – SPOONIN’ RAP XANADU – SURE SHOT BROTHER D & THE COLLECTIVE EFFORT – HOW WE GONA MAKE THE BLACK NATION RISE GENERAL ECHO – RAPPING DUB STYLE T SKI VALLEY – CATCH THE BEAT UNIVERSAL 2 – DANCING HEART MASTERDON COMMITTEE – FUNKBOX PARTY COLD CRUSH BROTHERS – WEEKEND VOLUME 2 LP: SPYDER D – BIG APPLE RAPPIN’ MR Q – DJ STYLE THE FLY GUYS – FLY GUYS RAP SOLO SOUND – GET THE PARTY JUMPIN’ THE JAMAICA GIRLS – ROCK THE BEAT SUPER 3 – STANDING ON THE TOP TJ SWANN, PEEWEE MEL & BARRY B – ARE YOU READY NICE & NASTY 3 – THE ULTIMATE RAP



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