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HERE’S A LIST of all my organized albums.

Feel free to ask about anything not on that list that you would think I’d have based on it, because there’s a lot more laying around that I’m too lazy to sort through.


  1. Hello, i'd like to make some requests to complete my SubFreq collection…SF043 – BollywoodSF008 – Radio PalestineSF009 – I remember SyriaSF013 – Tucker MartineSF014 – Radio IndiaSFO17 – Harmika yabSF020 – Radio Phnom PenhSFO24 – Guitars of the GoldenSF027 – Northeast CambodiaSFO28 – Radio ThailandSF035 – Nat Pwe Folkand after that, the Lost Sounds albums, Eat Skull & The Wrecks tape, Halloween 2 soundtrack and the Television Personalities "…and don't let the kids…" thanks for the great site!!

  2. great music and great blog, any chance of getting the los gatos negros CD?

  3. great blog, any chance of getting the Los Gatos Negros album?

  4. Can you post the live Minutemen album? I’d appreciate it.

  5. hello, i was wondering if you could post lizzy mercier descloux-1979 press, and all of your a tribe called quest albums please

  6. Do you have anything by Wimple Winch?

  7. Thanks for asking us, the great unwashed, what we would like….really appreciate this.Really wanted Sublime Frequencies 009 – I Remember Syria (2004), but it seems Disc 1 is not available (takes you to generic Mediafire page) And for requests, and I know you asked, but I still feel a bit cheeky;-) …well if you could upload-SF044 – Radio Myanmar-SF012 – Bush Taxi Mali-the other SFs requested by ‘anon’ above-Afro Rock 1973 (a classic record)-Downtown Rockin’ at the Strip Tease Club (sounds fun, ho hum!, but dont tell the pastor)It would be marvellous, thanks M3

  8. have you heard of public image ltd

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