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Ambient and Musical recordings from Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Burma recorded by Robert Millis in 2002. In a strange twist of fate, Sublime Frequencies has obtained the rights to distribute the remaining copies of this superb collection released on Anomalous Records in 2004.

Culled and carefully edited from many hours of field recordings made in Southeast Asia by Robert Millis, member of Climax Golden Twins (who are responsible for the OST of the film “Session Nine”). A mix of ambiance and music including a beguiling improvisation performed by an elephant mahout using only a leaf, ethereal temple orchestras, blind street musicians, insect choruses, stagecoach rides, singing cabbies, a drunken spirit orchestra performing a Leo Sayer song, naughty and nice children. This is an impressionistic ride from 21st century Thailand to the medieval corners of Myanmar — strange meetings of natural and supernatural, East and West. Millis also worked on the recent Sublime Frequencies DVD “NAT PWE: Burma’s Carnival of Spirit Soul” and some of this disc was recorded during the same trip.


LEAF MUSIC, DRUNKS, DISTANT DRUMS (Sublime Frequencies/Anomalous 2004)
192kbps MP3


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