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Basically, everything on CRYPT RECORDS is amazing to me. Please drop a dime on them. -Ian

The subtitle, by the way, is “Full Monophonic Teenblast From America’s Mid-60’s Garage Explosion.” The first CD in the Garage Punk Unknowns Series is crammed fulla mind-meltin’ rock n roll magic. These 31 songs rock harder and louder than just about anything else you’ve ever heard- they’re sloppy, exuberant, violent, brutal, and brilliant, more mercilessly fun than- oh, I don’t know… heroin (I’m not speaking from experience). Songs of particular note include Fink-Muncx Nine’s deranged “Coffee, Tea, or Me,” the Teddy Boys’ lean, mean, ominous “Jezebel,” and the Hard Times’ “I Can’t Wait ‘Til Friday Comes,” which is both nasty and hilarious. And then there’s the Temptations’ (no, not THOSE Temptations) cover of “Hey! Bo Diddley,” which starts out as a bit of punk rock a capella before launching into an amazingly catchy rock n roll pound-fest. The End reduce Buddy Holly’s classic “Not Fade Away” to its most basic elements: A primal beat and some truly primitive vocals. The King Beez’s groovin’ “Now,” is another highlight, as is the Ravens’ schizophrenic “Don’t Press Your Luck.” There’s also the Landels’ surf-tinged cover of “The Witch,” and the Big Beats’ heavy, pummeling “Beware.” These are only a few highlights of what is easily one of the best garage rock discs ever assembled. Pick it up and enjoy!

By Laszlo Matyas,


Crypt Records Presents: GARAGE PUNK UNKNOWNS Vol. 1&2 (1999 compilations)
320kbps MP3

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