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It cannot be said enough: the one they call Jay Reatard is a man of many songs. The manic Memphis punker– just weeks from the release of the third in his series of six Matador 7″s– has been responsible for quite a few small-batch vinyl recordings over his storied career, most of which currently reside in that crappiest of all record stores: eBay.

So the folks at In the Red Records have gathered 17 Jay cuts from out-of-print 2006-2007 singles, stuck ’em on a CD, and called it Singles 06-07. The tracks on Singles find Jay at his most self-reliant, as the dude himself recorded, mixed, and mastered each tune. What’s more, save for a little guitar thrown on “All Wasted” by Jay’s one-time Angry Angles bandmate Alix Brown, Jay contributed all the sounds you’ll hear on the disc. You might recognize a few tracks here from Jay’s barnburning Blood Visions LP, but, dammit, they were on 7″s first, one and all.

The 3rd in our Limited Edition Jay Reatard singles series. Entitled “Always Wanting More” and backed with “You Mean Nothing To Me,” the sleeve design, by Lindsay Shutt, comes in a clear plastic sleeve with Dangerhouse-style paper half-insert; the disc is clear one-sided vinyl with both tracks on the a-side and a silkscreen design printed directly onto the b-side.

Consider purchasing these at:


SINGLES ’06-07 (2008 compilation)
ALWAYS WANTING MORE 7″ (2008 single)
V0 MP3


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