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The island of Bali is Indonesia’s most popular place. With the modern beach resorts at Kuta and Legian, the lovely, tropic interior of palm-covered hills and rice paddies, and a rich variety of art, dance and music, it is a destination of choice for travelers around the world. But, regardless of their increasing role of servicing an ever-demanding tourist industry, the Balinese are a strong-willed and tight-knit society. The island is a tiny enclave of Hinduism within a massive nation of Islam, yet, their Gamelan music is faster, tighter, and louder than their mighty neighbors to the west, the Javanese. Balinese Gamelan stylings and the Ketchak dance are legendary throughout the world and have been immortalized in sound recordings and on film for decades. But, beneath the creeping exterior of a pseudo-western culture slowly overtaking an amazing tradition of unique human expression, the moods of the island are governed by magic and superstition. The hills, forests, rivers, and crossroads are alive with tales of demons (Leyaks) and a flesh-eating Ogress (Rangda). A lesser-known darker side of Balinese life secretly balances the lighter side “tropical paradise” of tourist brochures. This CD is composed of field recordings from August and September of 1989. The majority of the recordings were made at night in and around the villages of Peliatan and Ubud. Amidst the excerpts from Gamelan performances, rehearsals, and Ketchak, are sounds of the surrounding forests and mysterious crossroads where packs of dogs seem to take on forms of angry demons. Also encountered here are odd folk stylings for flute and drum, outdoor village theatre, and other various sound anomalies from the Balinese interior.

Night Recordings From Bali
192kbps MP3



  1. Ian, thnx so much, but I can’t open files on .rar format–If u post other Sublime Frequencies stuff, could u please please please post it on .zip??? Again, thx so much, dude, this blog is amazing!!

  2. oh darnnormally i do only zips, this was an accident. rar is one click away from zip and i’ve been sloppy latelyi’m reupping this as i type thisanyway, you might want to get a program like 7zip, winrar or izarc that can deal with zips, rars or most anything else

  3. Ian, yo’the man!!!! thx much, dude, this is amazing— & I’ll be so bold as to pester u later for more Sublime Frequencies, whenever u got the time. Thanks again!

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