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A readers poll by Mojo Music Magazine, ranks this remarkable album up there with Sgt. Pepper and Dark Side Of The Moon as one of the top 50 most “out there” albums of all time. Dreamies 2006 Special Edition is a meticulous re-master, restoring previously lost audio detail, offering the best ever CD reproduction of Bill Holt’s 1974 psychedelic masterpiece. Deluxe package includes an eight-page insert and vintage vinyl look CD.

In 1973, Bill Holt hung up his ten year Fortune 500 career to make music. With an acoustic guitar, an early Moog synth, and a four track recorder, he created what many consider a sonic masterpiece. The album has two 25 minute long tracks titled simply Program Ten and Program Eleven. Each is a rich aural collage of song and found sounds. (This new 2006 release offers indexed sub-tracks).

Bill Holt-DREAMIES (1974, 2006 reissue)
320kbps MP3



  1. Ian, Thanks for the Bill Holt. It sounds amazing from the description, so I figured it’s at least worth a download. Thanks again for all the GBV stuff. Cheers, Kevin

  2. Thanks so much for this. Never heard of him before and this album’s bloody fantastic.David

  3. One reader voted thousands of times. Just thought you should know.

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