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I have seen some of the best minds of my generation get downright dippy when they talk about this new lp by Hospitals entitled Hairdryer Peace. That said, some of these yappers would also say ‘no’ to a Kobi beef burger or Porterhouse steak cause they is scared of meat while others have confided they could eat nothin but confit of duck everyday for the rest of their life. So the lines is drawn. Which side is you on? All’s I know is that this here lp ain’t nothin like the previous 3 outings what bore the name Hospitals. Personally I think Mr Stonehouse’s time in Sic Alps (or at least what he took from the Pleasures & Treasures lp) made an outstanding impression. The punk yap that always felt so unfocused (or raucous for the sake of raucousness, aka ‘break shit & be somebody’) has been given the boot on Hairdryer Peace. There’s a trebly high end fuzz encircling this like an anxious halo which led me to suspect that it was more a solo work than a band effort. And I was sort’ve right, but I was also wrong at the same time. Two of the participants said they could hear no discernable contributions on their part, even though they agreed they was on there. The final verdict was that Mr. Stonehouse made this lp a personal catharsis & while there exist’s a skeletal framework of how the album started, what come out in the finish was a completely different animal. Way too many folks nowadays set out to make (what they think is) weird lp’s the results of which are almost always terrible, dilletantish, ego driven affairs.

Intending to use classic outsiders like ‘Oar’ or ‘Twin Infinitives’ as template’s for your masterpiece in the making might seem like a good idea, but in the immortal words of Tony Baretta, ‘Don’t do it’. Take your 4 track down to the pawn shop, sell it & invest that money in a good lawn mower. I’m not kidding (you can thank me later). However, what if someone unintentionally fused the two works together, ventral & dorsal like, creating an awkward yet remarkably unique vertebrae of sound? You don’t have to be Julian Cope (10 years from now) to know that’s what’s happened on Hairdryer Peace. It don’t exactly sound like neither, yet I see both them apparition’s drivin this buggy just as clear as day. As far as best of list’s go, the year’s still young but if your askin me about singular & detached, hell, the ‘competiton’ is but a cloud of dust in Stonehouse’s rear view mirror. Give that man a beer. Or at least a hug. Reach out to & procure a copy.


The Hospitals-HAIRDRYER PEACE LP (2008)
V0 MP3, vinyl rip


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