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R. D. Burman has influenced the bollywood music more than any other music director of his times and brought glitzy dance oriented music to stagnated techniques of 70s. His approach of taking cues from western rock and electronic music and amalgamating it perfectly with Indian chorus and rhythm based melodies is unprecedented and years ahead of his times. The use of new recording techniques and instruments reflected upon the changing attitude of his audience and acted as a trendsetting innovation to the Indian music industry.

If there’s one Bollywood funky soundtrack that almost everyone knows (and wants), it’s Shalimar. This soundtrack is taken from a UK/USA/India co-production, a lavish affair starring Dharmendra, John Saxon and Rex Harrison. The album has been issued twice, with the front cover for the first issue being used for the back cover of the second. The better of the two has a superb multi-page gatefold. The music is excellent, hard chunky funk with massive beats, horns and wah. The best cut is the classic ‘Baby let’s dance together’ and the theme is also outstanding. Always expensive as it’s in such demand, but highly recommended.

Sholay is also in the top five best Hindi Film soundtracks we’ve ever heard. This is a great film too, by the way. It’s a “Western,” pretty much. And the music absolutely kills. Slightly bigger production than usual for this 1975 classic, but all the usual craziness: strings going a zillion miles an hour in unison, super schizoid percussion breaks, some really wigged out chorus vocals — but mostly these are just great compositions and songs. A couple of unique-for-Hindi-Film sounding singing voices here. It’s not just Asha Bhosle and Kishore Kumar and their clones who show up for the recording. That and some successful digressions harmonically make this an extra-special winner. All the instruments in the world seem to make appearances at one time or another, and of course with Mr. Rahul Dev Burman going completely gonzo on the mixing board, that means some serious shelf life for this album. You’ll be singing ’em in your sleep and STILL be surprised at stuff you hear next time you throw it on. This has been a real favorite for years now.

by Bhasker Gupta,, Trey Spruance,

Rahul Dev Burman-SHOLAY & SHALIMAR (1975/1978)
192kbps MP3


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  2. i don’t understand what you mean reallyyou don’t need to install anythingjust enter the captcha code in the top rightwait 45 seconds (or however long) and click “download”

  3. I figured it out. Sorry about that – I was new to that particular style of download page and didn’t even notice the captcha code sitting there right in front of me..Thanks!

  4. oh no problem, glad somebody actually likes this stuff

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    Hi Ian, Marc here…(Jeremy J’s old roommate and former Thunk bassist), thanks for posting this!

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