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The most acclaimed female vocalist to arise in Brazil during the 1990s, Marisa Monte is known best for her exquisite voice as well as her international popularity, yet she’s also accomplished in other realms such as songwriting, production, and collaboration.

After four years of silence, Marisa Monte reappeared in 2006 with two simultaneously released albums. One, Universo ao Meu Redor, which focuses on samba, and then this, Infinito Particular, which has a more typical MPB sound. Like its twin album, Infinito Particular has that smooth and dreamy atmosphere that became the trademark of Tribalistas from 2002, and that was one of the main factors that elevated that album from the status of simple, well-crafted pop to something, at times, magic. The songwriting trio of Arnaldo Antunes, Carlinhos Brown, and Marisa Monte is also intact since earlier albums. Although it’s clearly MPB, stylistically quite similar to what Monte recorded on earlier albums, the music here is not as direct and easy to take in as one might have expected.

Instead Infinito Particular is a very calm, meditative, and low-key album that requires focus and attention on behalf of the listener. “Vilarejo” is one of the most radio-friendly tracks of the album, with its beautiful, unrestrainedly escapist lyrics and a lush, free-flowing melody. Released as a single, it is in fact the perfect flagship for a very good album. Other particularly fine tracks are “Levante,” “O Rio,” “Pelo Tempo Que Durar,” and “Infinito Particular.” The instrumentation and production throughout is simple, but very elegant and effective in creating the right mood for the music.

by Jason Birchmeier,


192kbps MP3


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